ERP systems are powerful management tools, but to realize their full value the information input to these systems must be timely, accurate and complete. Capturing such a large amount of information can be labor intensive and prone to error. For instance, using forms that employees complete by hand and then pass to data entry personnel for subsequent input to the system inevitably introduces errors, and the inherent delays can depreciate the value of the information. And ultimately, capturing information this way is costly.

Bar Code-Based Automated Data Collection (ADC)
Automating the collection of data at its source provides tangible benefits in improved accuracy, timeliness of information and reduction in costs. Bar code scanning capability also makes critical information such as serial numbers, too time consuming and prone to error if entered manually, easy to collect and manage.

    Increased Accuracy Data Entry Validation
    Recording data from an operation manually on a document provides no means to verify that the operation itself is being done properly. There is no mechanism to catch a wrong part that is being readied for shipment, because there is no interaction between the process and the data-recording step. With ADC, critical information can be validated at the time of entry, preventing errors from ever entering the system and avoiding process errors.

    Timeliness of Information Immediate Updates
    Increasing the currency of your information increases the value of that information within the organization, streamlining business processes and decision making, and ultimately enhancing business performance. ADC makes information available almost immediately, providing management with up-to-the-minute visibility on critical labor and inventory transactions, and allowing time to manage rather than simply react to problems.

    Reduced Costs
    Entering information twice costs money, so does fixing mistakes. ADC can help eliminate costly overhead, both at the data entry source, and by reducing the amount of after-the-fact correction of data.

    Improved Customer Service
    For many organizations however the greatest benefit of ADC is the potential for improved customer service. With accurate, current information customer service personnel are able provide "up-to-the minute" order status, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and greatly improved communications. In today's service oriented business climate, customer satisfaction is the most valuable asset a company can possess.

ProPort Automated Data Collection System
There is no need to continue accepting these compromises. The ProPort Automated Data Collection System provides an effective mechanism for capturing and validating information that feeds the ERP system. ProPort also uses data from the ERP system to provide increased functionality on your manufacturing and warehouse floor.

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