ProPort Shipping Module
The ERP system produces a list, which specifies items that are to be picked and processed for shipment against a sales order. Warehouse personnel process the list, recording actual quantities, pick locations, lot numbers and serial numbers directly on the document. They also may record related items such as extra charge codes and tracking numbers. This manually recorded data must later be entered into the ERP system in order to issue an invoice. Because accuracy of the delivered items and related invoice is so critical, many companies include an independent verification to make sure that the correct parts have been picked and shipped.

The ProPort Shipping Module makes the shipping process more efficient and accurate by assuring that parts match the line item requirements of the shiplist. This eliminates the need for a separate and costly checking operation. It also assures that serial numbers, lot numbers, and picking locations are captured accurately. The packing slip printing function prepares a computer-generated document containing information collected during the shipping process. Bar coded shipping labels can also be produced and bar coded tracking numbers scanned for transmission to the ERP system.

Employees use portable radio frequency (RF) terminals to validate and record each step in the order fulfillment process. They scan bar codes from items, bin locations, shipping documents and labels, and entering quantities as necessary, to support the specific operation.

The functions provided by the shipping module are:

  • Validation of picked part numbers
  • Key in entry of quantity picked and warning if it does not match order
  • Cumulative picking by multiple people against the same line item
  • Validation and/or capture of pick locations
  • Validation and/or capture of picked serial number
  • Validation and/or capture of picked lot numbers
  • Restocking (reverse pick) by order or by line item
  • Collection of extra charge codes and amounts
  • Collection of carrier identity and bill of lading number
  • Capture of Pro numbers and tracking numbers
  • Printing of packing slips with actual quantities, serial numbers and lot numbers
  • Printing of shipping labels
  • Complete transaction buffering until shipment is released

Intermec 2425
Portable Terminal

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