ProPort Work Order Material Module
The Work Order Material Module deals with the materials involved in processing work orders (work order-related labor elements are handled in the ProPort Labor Module).

Transfers of material between raw materials inventory and work orders can be accomplished using ProPort's Work Order Material Module. As part numbers, serial numbers, lot numbers and stock locations are entered through bar code scanning, there is a significant improvement in data accuracy. And since transactions are posted immediately, the content of raw materials inventory is always accurate. The Work Order Material Module also provides the means to receive completed items into finished goods inventory, with identical improvements in information accuracy and timeliness.

The product labeling feature provides an easy way to produce labels for finished items. The labels can include bar coded part numbers, lot numbers and serial numbers, as applicable, as well as item descriptions. These labels are generated from information extracted from the ERP database, insuring their synchronization with other elements in the ERP system.

The Work Order Material Module provides these functions:

  • Allows issue of materials to a work order
  • Captures lot numbers of issued materials
  • Captures serial numbers of issued materials
  • Allows de-issue for returning unused material to stock
  • Allows material to be moved to the next work order sequence without labor
  • Allows material to be moved to an alternate sequence without labor
  • Prints product labels for completed items
  • Allows receipt of completed items into finished goods
  • Captures lot numbers of completed items
  • Captures serial numbers of completed items

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