ProPort automates the collection of critical labor, WIP and inventory data at the source of those transactions, streamlining entry and improving accuracy. Employing both stationary and portable data collection terminals, ProPort enables the entry of data by those directly involved in each transaction. And the vast majority of this information is collected through bar code scanning, making data entry easy, fast and accurate.

Mirrors ERP Functionality
ProPort moves data entry functions from the back office desktop to the floor. Labor and inventory transactions update all major data fields in the same way as their PWS desktop equivalents.

System Description
The ProPort System consists of a dedicated ProPort Server, data collection terminals, and from one to six functional software modules. ProPort is networked directly to the ERP database server. Each of the software modules supports and enhances the ERP system, and ties directly into the production process.
Terminals and software can be configured in any combination. With its modularity and flexibility, the ProPort System allows you to automatically capture data in a way that compliments and enhances the way you use your existing ERP system.

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